Vision to Impact


We all want to perform to our full potential and more often than not it is to become a better leader and influencer. All we need to do is make small changes that in return give us big gains. Life has and will always be the greatest teacher, these pearls of wisdom are the life lessons I’ve learnt through my journey of leadership and change. Condensed here are the “Small things” you need to do, change and reflect upon to perform at your peak that will help you to envision, reflect, energize and enable yourself to achieve your vision of success. 

7th Jan 2016

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“Your immediate circle of association is a reflection of your attitude towards success. If the people you associate are moving forward, you can be pretty...
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“Desire is the super fuel that powers the engine of success. Unfortunately we seem to have a lack of it these days.”
29th Sep 2015

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“There is no point asking for advice if you don’t use it. Being mentored is not about obtaining advice. It’s about doing something with it.”